A New Year ...

Ready, Set, Goals!

Say goodbye to New Years Resolutions, hello to real, concrete results!

How would you like the next 12 months to be Your Best Year Yet!???  
Who wouldn't, right?  Well, suppose you could make a one-page plan in just four hours that would guarantee a year full of delight - would you do it?  And have a personal coach that works with you once a month to help you for a full year. Thousands have, in the comfort of their own homes and offices.  Individuals, teams and entire organizations are using Best Year Yet! to take stock, make a plan, and then move on to make their most important goals and dreams come true.

Say goodbye to New Year's Resolutions.  Get the results you've always wanted and make them stick!  Best Year Yet! is a proven system for helping you have your best year yet, year after year!  This highly interactive workshop mobilizes you to design your next year with a focus on what really matters most, from the inside-out.  Profound, but not intrusive; powerful, yet private!
"Personal success does not have to be years away.  Your Best Year Yet! masterfully guides you from thought to action and inspires you to start actualizing your heart's desires this year!"
                                       John Gray, author -
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
What do you want to achieve in the coming year?  Unleash your personal and professional potential with a one page plan that is easy to implement and accomplish.  To have the life that you really want requires clarity of thought, detailed planning and a process to ensure your success.  Successful people set goals, make plans, and work for their achievements.  Their goals are clear, specific, pointing to an exciting future, which inspires them to take action.  They plan for their success, they just don't "let it happen by default."  And they track their results.

The Best Year Yet! teleworkshop includes a web-based tool to make tracking your 2008 plan fun and easy, recording your results monthly and monitoring adjustments that might be needed to your plan.  We call it Producing Results Online, or PRO for short.  And you can become a PRO at producing results for yourself!

Isn't it time you choose your own destiny?  A destiny aligned with who you are, with what matters most to you and with a focused intention of bringing more fulfillment to your life?  If you really want 2008 to be your Best Year Yet - sign up today!  Class size is limited per workshop in order for participants to gain the most for the interactive coaching sessions.  Try it - over 75,000 people have worldwide so far!

Best Year Yet! is a global success.  First published in 1994 and now available in 13 languages, author Jinny Ditzler wrote her book to describe how by answering 10 simple questions, people could change their lives and make it stick.  Licensed BYY Coach, Certified Business & Life Success Coach and acclaimed 2003 International Coach of the Year Dory Willer, PCC, SPHR,  is your ticket to success.  Don't miss this chance to make 2008 your Best Year Yet!

You intend to launch 2008 with absolute clarity and focus
You want to move from struggling to successful
You want to boldly and confidently step into total alignment with what matters
  most to you in life
Its time for a change in your life and/or business
Receive expert assistance from the comfort of your own home or office using your telephone in telecourse format or join us LIVE at the Entrepre Center in San Ramon, California
Telecourse classes are limited to 10 participants so that each person receives personalized attention to ensure that they produce the results that will make their next year their Best Year Yet!
Sign up for an optional  full year of coaching support to achieve the results and help you jump over unexpected hurdles to stay on track
This program is for people who are seriously committed, not just interested, in making 2008 their Best Year Yet!
Registrants receive:
1. Four 60-minute teleclasses to complete your one-page plan or one 4 hour in- person workshop
2. Use of an online personal accountability web application system for tracking results 
3.  Your Best Year Yet! book
4.  Twelve Producing Results audio lessons on CD or MP3
5.  Personalized coaching assistance to make your Best Year Yet plan

Optional:  Twelve monthly group coaching sessions to track your plan 

Registration fee is $349 for the workshop and materials (+ s/h fee of $7.95 US for telecourse participants).  
Teleworkshops & In Person Workshops

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

 January 28, 29, 30, 31 @ 6:30pm-7:30pm PST
February 4, 5, 6, 7   @  10:00am-11:00am PST

In person live 4-hour workshops held at the Entrepre Center in  San Ramon, California ideal for professionals and business owners

January 25th   8:30am-12:30pm PST 
Individual one-on-one Best Year Yet full year coaching program
$325/month personalized just for you
call for consultation 925-473-4899
CLICK HERE & listen to an interview of Dory Willer about the Best Year Yet principles and how to create Your Best Year Yet  
Private company and group workshops available for organizations with customized pricing.  Ideals for sales teams, growth initiative project teams, under-performing units, and organizations implementing work/life balance initiatives and especially to roll-out organizational goals to cascade down to all levels of employees..  Call (925) 473-4899 for more information.
WARNING: Common side effects include self-confidence, a profound sense of accomplishment, clarity and a feeling of empowerment as you tend to thrive!
Best Year Yet! is a year-long program involving a teleworkshop the first month followed by a monthly individualized coaching session with licensed BYY Coach and 2003's International Coach of the Year - Dory Willer, co-host of radio show The Thrive Factor.



Ive tried a lot of different goal achieving programs over the years and by far Best Year Yet Coaching has been the best experience for me and my business.  We have more than doubled our income from last year along with setting major goals and achieving each one of them which has surprised and delighted us all. I owe my personal success and business success to Dorys coaching and the BYY process.  I recommend this program to everyone who is interested in taking action to achieve mind blowing results.

Monica Ross, President, Virtual Bookkeeping CEO

The BYY program is a phenomenal coaching program doing what it promises produces results.   It's a wonderful tool for laser focusing one's desires and then measuring progress for achieving those desires. Many wonderful things have been happening for me this year.  The BYY program has helped me stay on my course, rather than someone elses course.   It has been very powerful for me because, especially when things are going good, there are so many potential distractions.  When I stray from my stated objectives, I just use the BYY tools and bring myself back in alignment and am held accountable to my intentions with the monthly coaching.    I am excited about the many wonderful things I'm yet to achieve now that I have the tools to harness my focus.

Sandy Gallagher-Alford, Esq. Davis Wright Tremaine LLP


To learn more about Best Year Yet, 

go to www.BestYearYet.com  or e-mail